Bangladesh is a rapidly developing country. Since last 47 years, the need for aviation kept increasing in the country and all around Asia; but the aviation academies did not develop as per the requirement here. The only flying academy is not coping with the present need. Bangladesh is potential for aviation training as it is offering the training at a very low rate comparing to the neighboring countries; if we can establish world-class training facility, then there will be no shortage of cadets to cater the 25 major airlines in Asia.

It can be mentioned here that besides Bangladeshi Airlines, Our Aviation personnel is working in different renowned Airlines with pride & dignity.

** In a recent report Boeing forecasted that there will be a pilot shortage in the near future if the current growth rate continues & Experienced Pilots goes to retirement. As per the report, 1,92,300 Pilot shortage will be noticed in Asia Pacific region only & Total 4,98,000 worldwide.

In this circumstance, keeping its focus on strategic growth on all the areas of aviation, ‘Aviation Academy Ltd.’ is trying to offer the complete course for pilots, cabin crew and other relevant aviation personnel courses with the help of its associates of a great, young and energetic team. The company tries to offer the best learning environment possible keeping in mind the interest of its cadets.